Our commitment to excellence begins with the selection of our dedicated staff. Our young organization prioritizes the assembly of a top-tier professional team, bringing together experienced coaches from various countries to offer a broad spectrum of expertise and perspectives.

This season
our coaching roster

Lars Hulten

Bringing Swedish precision and a rich history of success in ice sports coaching.

Gorazd Hiti

An international legend with deep ties to the sport and an intimate understanding of its nuances.
Contribution: Outstanding

For our annual programs
we are proud to
collaborate with:

Tomaš Pšenka

• Experience: 14 years in youth and junior hockey coaching, spanning U6 to U20.
• Roles: Assistant and Head Coach roles within Slovak national teams across various age groups. Current Head Coach U18 and Vice-Chairman at the Hockey Academy of Martin.
• Education: Commenius University in Bratislava, Faculty of Physical Education and Sport.

Peter Andersson

• Role: Head Goalie Coach, Swedish U18 National Team & World Champion 2018/2019
• Background: Former professional goalie, top-rated Swedish instructor since 2005, specialized in goalie coaching with international experience in Turkey, Russia, and the USA.
• Current Position: Elite coach at Frölunda, emphasizing goalkeeping mastery.

Kjell Snibb

• Specialization: Goalkeeping and coaching education with a focus on the Swedish approach to goaltending.

Thomas Javeblad

Each coach brings a unique set of skills and international experience to our academy.

Nuša Pogačar

Offering a fresh perspective and innovative training methods.


This diverse assembly of talent ensures that our athletes receive comprehensive training and development, tailored to foster growth,
resilience, and success in their respective ice sports disciplines. Through the guidance of these skilled professionals, HITI BLED HAWK ACADEMY stands as a crucible for nurturing world-class athletes, equipped to excel on both national and international stages