This season
our coaching roster

Lars Hulten

Bringing Swedish precision and a rich history of success in ice sports coaching.

Gorazd Hiti

An international legend with deep ties to the sport and an intimate understanding of its nuances.
Contribution: Outstanding

For our annual programs
we are proud to
collaborate with:

Tomaš Pšenka

• Experience: 14 years in youth and junior hockey coaching, spanning U6 to U20.
• Roles: Assistant and Head Coach roles within Slovak national teams across various age groups. Current Head Coach U18 and Vice-Chairman at the Hockey Academy of Martin.
• Education: Commenius University in Bratislava, Faculty of Physical Education and Sport.

Peter Andersson

• Role: Head Goalie Coach, Swedish U18 National Team & World Champion 2018/2019
• Background: Former professional goalie, top-rated Swedish instructor since 2005, specialized in goalie coaching with international experience in Turkey, Russia, and the USA.
• Current Position: Elite coach at Frölunda, emphasizing goalkeeping mastery.

Kjell Snibb

• Specialization: Goalkeeping and coaching education with a focus on the Swedish approach to goaltending.

Thomas Javeblad

Each coach brings a unique set of skills and international experience to our academy.

Nuša Pogačar

Offering a fresh perspective and innovative training methods.